Excellent history of animation "beauty," and woah, what IS up with the lavender eyeshadow & red lip? Thanks Chica, it was a lot first thing in the morning but definitely all true and a very real commentary on patriarchy, which is why we must *dismantle* it (alongside white supremacy, racism, anti-transism, anti-disableisn, AAPI hate, etc)

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May 16, 2023Liked by Sable Yong

Hilarious that Greta Gremlin made an appearance because I s2g a few weeks ago I compared myself to a gremlin (cheekily and in a smol creature sorta way, I'm not THAT self-deprecating) in convo with a guy and his response was "if you're a gremlin, you're the excruciatingly hot girl one"

So yes, it absolutely does translate

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